J. Michael Allsen  (allsenm)
This is a personal site for Dr. J. Michael Allsen: material relating to program annotation, Madison, WI music history, and other material.  Some of this material was hosted previously at facstaff.uww.edu or at webpages.charter.net.  Comments on these pages or inquiries on program notes are welcome at mike@allsenmusic.com.

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Allsen Program Notes
Historical and Other Links
Madison Symphony Orchestra Program Notes: Current and (a few) Previous Seasons
Madison Symphony Orchestra History page
Madison Symphony Orchestra
Complete Listing of Allsen Program Notes, 1984-present
Madison Symphony Orchestra Chronicle,  Repertoire, and Soloists (1926-2001)
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Department of Music
Commissioning Program and Liner Notes: Terms and Pricing
Madison Symphony Orchestra - Historical Recordings
Aaron Hettinga Music (publisher of my arrangements and compositions)
Projected Supertitles
articles written for the Wisconsin State Journal
Writing Program Notes: A Guide for UWW Students  Moravian Trombone Choir FAQs

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